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2nd Mongolia Trade & Commodity Finance Conference

2nd Mongolia Trade & Commodity Finance Conference

MongoliaUlaanbaatar, Mongolia | May 14, 2013
The Chinggis Khaan Hotel

Event Review

Local and international business leaders meet in Ulaanbaatar to support Mongolian growth

Exporta Group, the market leading independent information provider for the financial services industry, returned to Ulaanbaatar for the 2nd Mongolia Trade & Commodity Finance Conference, which took place at the Chinggis Khaan Hotel on 14th May 2013.

The event, unique in its specific focus on Mongolia’s corporate, financial services and international trade sectors, welcomed over 200 key local business leaders, international finance practitioners and commodity traders seeking to take part in the nation’s continuing economic growth.

The keynote address provided by Mongolia’s Vice-Minister for Economic Development outlined the government’s intention to take urgent steps to improve and stabilise the investment environment in Mongolia, not least regarding key investment law currently being drafted; resolving the protracted Oyu Tolgoi gold and copper mine dispute was the acid test for the Mongolian government, according to one audience member, arguing that resolution of contractual issues surrounding the project would see exponential growth in wider Mongolian mining production and foreign investment.

Key insights provided across the day’s agenda included the huge potential for further ECA covered transactions within the Mongolian market, the crucial role being played by international FIs in supplementing local liquidity, the importance of PPPs within infrastructural development and the extensive opportunities offered to project financiers, and the belief that the slow down within the Chinese economy did not constitute as significant a threat to the Mongolian market as anticipated in some quarters, particularly when factors such as Chinese compound growth and the recent spike in the country’s equity market are taken into account.

Speaking on the sidelines of the event, Randolph Koppa, President of Mongolia’s Trade & Development Bank and Chairman of the conference said: “The prospects for trade and a variety of structures and ECAs will only increase, and not just strictly trade related to the input and output of the (Oyu Tolgoi) mine. There will be a move towards further processing, which again will be capital-intensive.”

Jim Dwyer, Executive Director of the Business Council of Mongolia added: “We are seeing the first positive signs for the Mongolian economy recovering. It has been interesting to hear the views of key stakeholders not only on Oyu Tolgoi, but on the outlook for the new investment law being drafted by the Ministry of Economic Development.  This law could provide stability for both domestic and foreign investors and rekindle FDI.”

Delegates enjoyed numerous opportunities to network with industry peers throughout the one day event, aided by an online networking function provided in the weeks before the meeting by Exporta Group allowing attendees to target meetings with key industry players. Proceedings were concluded with a special reception where delegates continued the day’s discussions in a more informal setting. 


Following its highly successful inaugural gathering in 2011 Exporta is delighted to announce its return to Ulaanbaatar for the 2nd Mongolia Trade & Commodity Finance Conference.

The only event specifically organised for the Mongolian trade and commodity finance community, the conference will once again provide an unrivalled platform for discussion and networking for leading local businesses and institutions, as well as those international practitioners looking to tap into the huge potential of this rapidly developing market.

Over 130 high-level delegates attended the inaugural Mongolia conference in October 2011, where some of the country’s most senior business leaders joined international financiers to discuss the numerous opportunities offered by Mongolia’s vast natural resources, as well as the challenges faced in realising sustainable growth and development in line with the expectations and limitations of its growing population.

2013’s gathering will again assess the key considerations of those seeking to access the Mongolian market as well as those already operating in the country, with debate centred on mining, minerals and the impact of huge commodity-led growth, as well as perspectives provided on local banking capacity, the primary challenges facing Mongolia’s private sector, the opportunities available for new market entrants, and discussion on the country’s regulatory landscape.

With a host of expert speakers sourced from both the local and international markets and utilising a proven event format, the 2nd Mongolia Trade & Commodity Finance Conference will again serve as the key trade gathering for the region’s primary industry actors.

As with all Exporta conferences, numerous networking sessions will be built into the day’s proceedings providing ample opportunity to create crucial connections with the various decision makers in attendance. The conference will be followed by an evening drinks reception where discussions can be continued in a more informal setting.

Amongst the topics to be covered:
•Does the Mongolian banking sector hold sufficient capacity to realise the countries full economic growth potential?
• To what extent will international institutions be required to play a bigger role in providing additional liquidity?
• Highlighting key infrastructure projects and financing requirements for extensive further development
• Assessing the demand and supply factors impacting Mongolia’s insurance sector
• How are the key considerations of Mongolian corporates changing in line with market conditions?
• Examining the impact of Mongolia’s attitude towards neighbours such as China and Russia on the opportunities available to western companies
• Highlighting the role of developmental institutions in bridging market gaps and facilitating private sector growth

Who should attend?
• Trade, export and commodity finance heads and directors
• Multinationals and SMEs
• Insurance underwriters and brokers
• Export credit agencies
• Multilaterals
• Solution providers
• Lawyers and consultants
• Market analysts and policy advisors

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08.00 Registration and refreshments

08.55 Chairman’s opening remarks
Randolph Koppa, President, Trade & Development Bank of Mongolia
09.00 Keynote: Balancing Mongolia's economic, political and social development 
Chuluunbat Ochirbat, Vice Minister, Ministry of Economic Development
Debating key sectors of focus within the government’s economic diversification strategy
Outlining the areas in which private capital will be required to supplement public investment
Debating the significance of recent bond issuances in providing a benchmark for Mongolian debt: Are Mongolia’s capital markets capable of providing a viable source of alternative liquidity? 
How can Mongolia take a greater role in wider emerging markets trade? How significant a role will be played by multilateral initiatives such as the Asia Pacific Trade Agreement?
Assessing the impact of global market conditions on Mongolia’s natural resources sector: How is exposure to such external shocks being minimised?
09.30 The race for development: Assessing supply and demand for finance in Mongolia
Moderator: Margrith Lutschg-Emmenegger, President, FIMBank
Norihiko Kato, Chief Executive Officer, Khan Bank
Randolph Koppa, President, Trade & Development Bank of Mongolia
Amar Hanibal, Managing Director, TenGer Financial Group
Oyun-Erdene Lamjav, Vice President & Director of Corporate Banking Division, Golomt Bank
Resources to railroads: Comparing the respective financing requirements of Mongolia’s commodity sectors and projected infrastructural development   
Outlining developments in Mongolia’s domestic banking sector: To what extent has capacity increased in recent months and how far is this likely continue? 
Examining the opportunities and limitations faced by those international FIs seeking to enter the market
Updating on recent changes in the regulatory terrain: How might these impact on the operations of foreign companies and FIs? 
How can local banks play a greater role in connecting Mongolian businesses and international FIs? To what extent can greater collaboration between domestic and foreign FIs be achieved in the current environment?
Highlighting recent developments in the syndicated loan space and the potential of such deals to increase banking sector capacity
10.20 Networking break
11.00 Fuelling the engine of growth: Financing Mongolia’s corporate sector
Moderator: Jim Dwyer, Executive Director, Business Council of Mongolia
Laurenz Melchers, Director, Mongolian Star Melchers
Oyunbat Lkhagvatsend, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Mongolian Mining Corporation (MMC)
Maarten Koning, Director, Head of Commodities Group, North Asia, ING
Amarsanaa Burmaa, Chief Executive Officer, Hera Holding
Discussing the facilities currently on offer from the local banking sector: How effectively do they address the primary funding priorities of Mongolia’s corporates? Are corporates now engaging more directly with international FIs?
Highlighting the bankability of Mongolia’s corporate sector and enhanced opportunities for international FIs seeking to enter the market
Are governmental efforts to balance economic and social development hampering the development of Mongolia’s companies? 
How significant a challenge continues to be posed by a lack of human resources within the market?
What role is to be played by international capital markets in providing an alternative source of liquidity for Mongolian businesses? Are local bonds the solution to current liquidity constraints?
Is there sufficient diversity in the Mongolian corporate sector to maximise the countries international appeal?
11.50 Case study: The growing role of agency financing within the Mongolian market
Claudia Belli, Head of Export Finance, APAC, BNP Paribas
Tselmuun Nyamtaishir, Vice President, Trading & Investment, Mongolyn Alt Corporation (MAK) 
Zoljargal Dashnyam, Managing Partner, GTs Advocates
Hakan Aksünger, Senior Regional Manager, Financial Institutions, BHF Bank
Harnessing the potential of ECA financing to open the Mongolian market to key exports such as capital goods and equipment
Examining the deal’s innovative structuring and use of cross-currency swaps
Using the template provided to further supplement liquidity in the local banking sector
12.25 Overcoming Mongolia’s infrastructure challenge
Moderator: Chris Bradley, Consultant, Standard Bank
Tumentsogt Tsevegmid, Chief Representative, General Electric
D. Galsandorj, President, Mongolian Exporters’ Association; Chairman, Exporters’ Council, Mongolian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
James Liotta, Partner, Mahoney Liotta
Examining the extensive funding requirements across transport, power, water and construction sectors
Debating the respective roles to be played by the government, DFIs, ECAs and the private sector in funding Mongolia’s infrastructural development
Improving transparency and creating the necessary regulatory framework to attract private investment: What needs to be done?
What can be learned from private investment success stories such as within the civil aviation and telecommunications sectors?
What challenges are faced by those seeking to utilise project finance structures? What role can export credit agencies play here?
Highlighting project financing opportunities offered by the construction of Mongolia’s railroad network
13.10 Lunch
14.20 The role of multilateral institutions in developing Mongolia’s foreign trade
Moderator: Marco Nindl, Trade Finance Banker, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD)
Munhmandah Borjigin, Head of International Banking Unit, Corporate Banking Division, XacBank
Fiezullah Saidov
, Senior Advisor, Corporate Banking, Tenger Financial Group
Nomulin Basbish, Senior Officer, Trade Finance & Correspondent Banking, Khan Bank
Vincent O’Brien, Executive Committee Member, ICC Banking Commission
Kelly Yan, Head of Trade Finance Services, Asia, ING
Hakan Aksünger
, Senior Regional Manager, Financial Institutions, BHF Bank
Discussing the role of trade facilitation programmes in bridging gaps in liquidity
How will new international regulations impact the local trade finance market in Mongolia?
How successful have recent initiatives to improve SME access to lending been? What more can be done to assist the expansion of Mongolia’s SME sector? 
Debating the benefits of local currency lending initiatives
15.10 Highlighting the latest developments in the financing environment for Mongolia’s natural resources sector
Momchil Ivanov, Head of Metals, Structured Metals & Energy Finance, ING
• How will volatile global conditions continue to influence Mongolia’s natural resources businesses? 
• Examining liquidity sources: Can local and foreign FIs and multinationals complement each other to keep up with growth opportunities?
• Debating the impact of Mongolian foreign investment and resource legislation on the financing available to the natural resources sector
• Outlining the opportunities: Does the sector present a fertile ground for a balanced mix of solutions or will certain types of finance prevail?
15.40 Networking break
16.05 Utilising development finance programmes to stimulate commodity trade
Danny Ip, Principal Trade Finance Officer, IFC
How is the IFC currently working with commodity producers and exporters to facilitate growing frontier and emerging markets commodity trade?
Highlighting the support being made available in the structured commodity finance space and current deal structuring trends 
The potential of warehouse financing to enable emerging markets trade: Outlining the various programmes and differing forms of cooperation on offer
Exploring the key requirements of the Global Warehouse Finance Programme and typical deal structures being utilised
16.20 The insurance sector’s role in facilitating trade and investment in Mongolia 
Moderator: Julian Hudson, Regional Manager, Political Risk & Credit, Asia Pacific, Ace Global Markets
Mark Wong, Regional Director, Credit, Political & Security Risks, Asia, Jardine Lloyd Thompson
Sean Aston, General Manager, London Forfaiting Company
Mark Bonnar, Regional Head of Construction & Energy Casualty, APAC, AIG
Peter Gilbert, Chief Executive, Hong Kong branch, BPL Global
Outlining the market’s current requirements: Who is utilising insurance products and what types of coverage are being requested? Which key aspects of a typical transaction are insurers being asked to address? 
Highlighting the full spectrum of on-shore and cross-border risks relevant to Mongolia’s key industries
How has the insurance market been helping banks and investors mitigate the credit and political risks involved with Mongolian deals?
Discussing the implications of domestic market regulation: What challenges and opportunities are faced by foreign banks and insurers doing business in the country? 
Addressing the primary challenges currently faced by the market: How are issues such as lack of capacity and the information gap being overcome? 
17:05 Chairman’s closing remarks followed by evening drinks reception


The Chinggis Khaan Hotel

Tokyo Street - 10


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