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6th Annual Russia & Eurasia Trade & Export Finance Conference

6th Annual Russia & Eurasia Trade & Export Finance Conference

RussiaMoscow, Russia | February 5, 2013
Baltschug Kempinski

Event Review

Russia’s trade finance community convenes in Moscow for key multilateral industry discussions

Over 230 banking and corporate business leaders from across Russia and the wider region met at Exporta’s 6th Annual Russia & Eurasia Trade & Export Finance Conference on February 5th, 2013 to discuss current market conditions and future prospects for the region’s trade finance industry. The event took place at the Hotel Baltschug Kempinksy in Moscow and welcomed excellent support from key domestic and international institutions such as Sberbank, HSBC, Unicredit Bank, J.P. Morgan, ING, and Coastline Solutions, as well as welcoming the Export Insurance Agency of Russia (EXIAR) as Host Agency Partner.

The conference’s keynote address, provided by Russia’s World Trade Organisation (WTO) Chair holder Professor Sergei Sutyrin of St Petersburg State University, outlined the forthcoming challenges and opportunities offered to the banking and business sectors by Russia’s recent WTO accession. Though suggesting that accession would ultimately benefit the Russian economy, Professor Sutyrin cautioned that the real affects of compliance to WTO regulations will not be realised for at least three years to come.

Debate during the one day conference focused on those topics most relevant to the commodity export led economy of Russia and its neighbouring countries, with state-backed ECA support cited on numerous occasions as an increasingly important financing tool, primarily due to its ability to facilitate a source of relatively long term, low cost funding for the region’s exporters.  

The viability of the trade funding facilities currently being provided by the private banking sector was called into question during the event, with speakers from some of Russia’s primary commodity producers such as Uralkali, Metalloinvest, Evraz and Gazprom Neft stipulating that capital markets are continuing to provide stiff competition for private banks where the pricing of funds and tenor duration are concerned. They went on to suggest that banks would be well advised to focus on those offerings that cannot be replicated by capital markets through maximising the flexibility of facilities offered to their clients.

A live electronic poll of the audience, predominantly made up of corporates, insurers, trade financiers and risk management professionals, confirmed that the pricing of funds is the most important factor for those seeking to obtain financing on the Russian market.

Proceedings concluded with a comprehensive panel discussion featuring senior representatives from international financial institutions and private and state-backed domestic banks, with panellists predicting a steady year for the trade finance sector despite continuing global market challenges. With a resurgence in capital equipment expenditure cited as the key prerequisite for strong future growth in trade financing, panellists agreed that opportunities were available through greater collaboration between Russia’s state-backed banking giants and domestic and foreign private FIs.

The day was completed with two of the event's Institutional Partners, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the ICC, conducting the Banking Commission’s annual graduation ceremony, where leading graduates from the Trade Finance E-Learning Programme were awarded for their efforts. this was followed by the evening networking reception, where delegates were able to continue discussions in a more informal setting.  



Exporta returns to Moscow in February 2013 for the 6th Annual Russia & Eurasia Trade & Export Finance Conference, where the latest instalment of this long running series will reaffirm its place as the primary industry event for the trade and export finance community across Russia and the wider Eurasian region.

Readdressing the key issues covered at last year’s meeting, the one day conference will also assess the significance of the momentous developments witnessed in the interim. Russia’s accession to the World Trade Organisation offers renewed promise to producers, traders and financiers, contrasting with the protraction of the Euro Zone debt crisis and resulting raft of downgrades across the wider region. Key issues to be covered at this year’s meeting will include the current risk appetite for Russian trade, examining contemporary deal structures, trends in pricing and foreign currency settlement, changing corporate funding priorities, and assessment of key export sectors.

Attendees will again benefit from an agenda featuring a host of expert speakers from across the full industry spectrum. Exporta’s proven programme formula, including detailed presentations, debate driven panel discussions, and corporate case studies will drill down into the latest issues and opportunities surrounding the financing of the region’s international trade.

As with all Exporta conferences numerous opportunities to connect with old friends and build new relations with industry peers will be built into the programme, and the day’s proceedings will be complemented by an evening networking drinks reception where delegates and speakers can continue lively discussion long into the night. With attendance at 2013’s event expected to reach record levels, join an international delegation of key players from across the trade and export finance community for insight into the latest opportunities and challenges offered by this booming economy.

Topics to be discussed include:

• WTO accession: How is this likely to benefit Russian businesses?
• Addressing the financing priorities of the region’s corporates
• Know your client: The banking perspective on the Russian trade and export       finance market
• Updating on corporate export financing requirements
• Exploring opportunities offered by Nordic-Russia trade flows
• Highlighting the prominent export transactions of the last year
• Assessing corporate risk in a challenging market
• Detailing the latest trends in currency settlement and the cost of funding
• Mitigating risk in an increasingly complex global supply chain
• Examining recent ECA deals and increasing collaboration in agency financing


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08.00 Registration and refreshments

08.50 Chairman’s opening remarks
Andrey Ivanov
, Global Head of Trade Finance & Correspondent Banking, Sberbank


09.00 Keynote: New international economic horizons for Russia
Prof. Sergei Sutyrin
, World Economy Department Head, St. Petersburg State University, Chair Holder, World Trade Organisation

  • Examining recent trends in international trade
  • Outlining the possible repercussions of Russia's WTO membership
  • How is WTO accession likely to impact Russia’s banks and businesses over the coming year?
  • Will the Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan customs union make its members more open to the rest of the global economy?


09.25 Outlining key financing priorities for corporate borrowers
Moderator:  Alyson Cole, Associate Director, Export Credit and Global Specialised Finance, HSBC
Rostislav Rozbitski, Director, Bank Financing & Capital Markets, EVRAZ
Dmitry Muz, Head of Treasury, Uralkali
Ilya Krasnov, Deputy Head, Corporate Finance, Metalloinvest
Stanislav Popkov
, Head of Lending & Structured Finance, Gazprom Neft

  • How have global conditions continued to affect the trade of Russian companies? 
  • Corporate funding strategies: Is there a sufficiently diverse range of instruments currently available?
  • What role is being played by the capital markets at present and how is this likely to change?  
  • Are companies delaying approaching the banking market in the hope of securing cheaper funding further down the line?
  • How does the panel feel banks can best address the main challenges currently faced by Russian corporates?


10.15 -11:00 Networking break


11.00 Highlighting the latest developments in the natural resources sector
Bernard Zonneveld, Global Head of Structured Metals & Energy Finance, ING

  • How will volatile global conditions continue to influence Russia’s natural resources businesses?  
  • Examining liquidity sources for the natural resources sector: Will international or Russian FIs prevail in 2013?  
  • Assessing the impact of new regulations on pre-export finance  
  • Outlining the opportunities: Is the sector witnessing a return to the syndications market?  
  • Estimating the impact of the secondary market on new deal turnover  


11.30 Assessing the local and regional finance landscape for exporters
Moderator: Julia Petrova, Head of Global Transaction Banking, UniCredit Bank Russia
Danila Kotlyarov, Finance Director, Russia, Petropavlovsk Iron Ore
Alexander Khromov
, Senior Advisor, Customer Finance, Ericsson
Olga Strekalova
, Director, Export Credit & Global Specialised Finance, HSBC

  • How are global market conditions currently affecting the business operations of Russian exporters?
  • Have Asia trade flows become more significant than those with traditional trade partners and is an economic slowdown in China a real threat?
  • Highlighting challenges commonly experienced by those exporting to markets in Eurasia
  • Exploring some of 2012’s prominent export deals
  • How are the latest innovations in deal structuring improving exporter access to cash?


12.20 – 13:40 Lunch


Stream A: Developments in export finance (13.40-15.45)

Chairman: Andreas Mehl, Managing Director, ECA Advisory Head, EMEA, J.P. Morgan

13.40 Discussing the increasing significance of agency finance
Moderator:  Marko Gucijan, Head of Project & Export Finance, Global Banking, HSBC
Dr Hans Janus, Member of the Management Board, Euler Hermes
Dina Merkulova, Director of ECA Finance, International & Trade Finance Department, Alfa Bank
Marco Minoretti, Representative, Russia & CIS, SACE
Svetlana Gromyko-Piradova, Head of Structured Export Finance, GTB, UniCredit Bank Russia
Mikhail Karyakin, First Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Export Insurance Agency of Russia (EXIAR)
Anton Zur, Head of ECA Finance, Sberbank

  • Examining the ongoing necessity of ECA financing for specific sectors
  • Highlighting agency involvement in key infrastructure projects and capital equipment deals
  • Is risk sharing and multi-sourced ECA cover becoming increasingly popular?
  • What steps are being taken to provide support for the growing needs of SMEs?


14.30 Assessing corporate risk in a challenging market
Stanley Root, Partner, Internal Audit Services Leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers

  • Improving access to corporate financing through transparency, auditing and due diligence
  • How effective are current efforts to increase transparency in Russia’s corporate sector?
  • Understanding the typical control environment of large Russian corporates
  • How to assess the Russian corporate control environment in relation to potential financing


14.55 Exploring opportunities offered by Nordic-Russia trade flows
Moderator: Anton I. Aleksandrov, Head of Trade & Structured Finance, Nordea Bank
Outi Homanen, Senior Advisor, Foreign Risks & Political Recoveries, Finnvera
Kerstin Gedung, Executive Director, Head of Structured Finance, SEK
Hilda Hellgren, Country Policy Advisor for Russia, EKN
Lars Nybom, Director, Nordea Bank
Natalia Voynilovich, Head, Export Finance, Gazprombank
Sergey Karmalito, Associate Director, Project & Export Finance, HSBC

  • Considering Russia’s role as a Nordic trading partner: How has this evolved?
  • Assessing Russian economic growth as a key motivator for increased Nordic market presence
  • Highlighting some of the market’s primary sectors and recent transactions
  • Examining the role Nordic ECAs are playing in supporting Nordic-Russian trade and whether this has changed


Stream B: Building physical and financial networks in Russia and the CIS (13.40-15.45)

Chairman: Sergey Chetverikov, Director, Head of Commercial Banking, HSBC

13:40 Seeking security within an increasingly complex global supply chain
Moderator: Zhanna Umarova, Transaction Services Origination Head, Russia, RBS
Bart Ras, Head of Supply Chain Finance, EMEA, Citi
Peter Hopkins
, Managing Director, Drum Risk Management
Paul Geerts
, Corporate Executive Director, Head of EMEA Trade Advisory, RBS

  • How has reduced access to working capital changed corporate attitudes to supply chain finance?
  • Squeezing the supply chain: Is placing financial pressure on key suppliers a sustainable approach?
  • Providing examples of how supplier finance and collateral management agreement (CMA) programmes have mitigated supply chain risk
  • Comparing the benefits of in-house SCF platforms and utilising third party providers


14:25 Industry update: Providing the latest insights on the Bank Payment Obligation (BPO)
Elvira Shakirova, Trade Finance Expert, Assistant Professor, University of Dubna
Alexandra Orlova, Director of Business Development, ICC Russia

  • What are the main benefits to be gained from market adoption of the BPO?
  • Balancing the middle ground between the security of the L/C and the simplicity of open account
  • Industry alignment on rules and tools to support the standard delivery of financial supply chain services
  • ICC adoption and the establishment of the BPO as an accepted market practice


14.55 Assessing the Russian trade credit insurance landscape
Audrius Rosinas, Chief Executive Officer, Malakut Trade Credit

  • The current market: Regulatory problems for trade credit insurance in Russia
  • Profiling political risk from the Russian exporter’s perspective
  • What does the future hold for trade credit insurance in Russia?


15:15 Sector focus: Project finance development in the Russian Federation and Eurasian region
Marc Partridge
, Managing Director, Co-Head Project & Structured Finance, Gazprombank

  • Outlining recent innovations in project finance deal structures
  • Examining how new methods of securitisation are being used on key infrastructure projects
  • Considering project risk across Russia and the Eurasian region
  • Highlighting the booming sectors requiring significant infrastructural investment in the coming years


15.45 Networking Break


Main room


16:10 Russia’s role in the new global dynamic
Moderator: Katerina Vasilenko, Executive Director, Sales Manager, CIS, Israel & Turkey, Global Trade Services, J.P. Morgan
Dmitri Gainullin, Deputy Head of Structured Finance Trade & Commodity Finance, Amsterdam Trade Bank
Evgeny Kaplin, Managing Director, Trade Finance & Correspondent Banking, Sberbank
Alisa Lockwood, Head of Eurasia Forecasting, Exclusive Analysis
Dmitry Kuryshev, Chief Representative, ABC International Bank

  • Assessing the internationalisation of Russian banks and companies: What is the reality?
  • Outlining the trade flows that are creating opportunities for Russian expansion
  • In which regions are Russian FIs expanding their international networks to support their domestic clients?
  • Are these trends evident across the wider Eurasian region?
  • In which direction are Russian companies looking for continued expansion?


16:50 Know your client: The banking perspective on the Russian trade & export finance market
John MacNamara, Global Head, Structured Commodity Trade Finance, Deutsche Bank
Rudolf Putz, Head, Trade Facilitation Programme, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
Julia Petrova, Head of Global Transaction Banking, UniCredit Bank Russia
Dmitry Minaev, Managing Director, International Trade Finance, Alfa Bank
Jochen Anton-Boicuk, Vice President & Group Head, Export Finance CEE/CIS, Commerzbank
Tatyana Zakharova, Director, ECA Structured Finance, VTB
Oksana Gudzenko, Head of Trade Finance Solutions Division, Financial Institutions and International Capital Markets, Promsvyazbank

  • Examining the impact of Basel III on Russian trade funding: How are banks communicating this to their clients?
  • Considering the use of different currencies for trade settlement
  • Assessing the current appetite for Russian corporate risk: Is pricing of funds the primary variable?
  • In which market sectors are private FIs starting to challenge the dominance of state institutions?
  • How can access to funding for corporates in the wider Eurasian market be improved?


17:45 Chairman’s closing remarks followed by EBRD/ICC Banking Commission Graduation Ceremony and evening drinks reception


Baltschug Kempinski

Ul. Balchug 1


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6-я ежегодная Конференция “Финансирование Торговли и Экспорта в России и Евразии”

г. Москва, Россия, 5 февраля 2013


08:00 Регистрация и кофе


08:55 Вступительное слово Председателя Конференции


09:00 Основной доклад. Новые экономические горизонты России

Проф. Сергей Сутырин, Заведующий кафедрой “Мировая экономика” СПбГУ, Глава Кафедры ВТО

   Современные тенденции развития международной торговли

   Возможные последствия вступления России в ВТО

   Как членство в ВТО отразится на банковском и корпоративном секторе российской экономики в 2013 году?

   Повлияет ли членство России, Беларуси и Казахстана в Таможенном союзе на открытость стран-участников в мировой экономике?


 09:25 Круглый стол. Текущие приоритеты корпоративных заемщиков

Модератор: Элисон Кол, Заместитель директора, Экспортное кредитование и Глобальное специализированное финансирование, HSBC

Ростислав Розбицкий, Директор, Банковское финансирование и рынок капиталов, Евраз

Александр Гаврилов, Финансовый директор, Еврохим

Дмитрий Муз, Начальник Казначейства, Уралкалий

Илья Краснов, Заместитель начальника Управления корпоративного финансирования, Металлоинвест

   Как текущее состояние мировой экономики влияет на торговлю российских компаний?

   Стратегии корпоративного финансирования: достаточна ли диверсификация инструментов фондирования, предлагаемых в настоящий момент рынком?

   Какую роль играет в настоящий момент рынок капитала, и ожидаются ли изменения?

   Тенденция переноса корпоративными клиентами сроков заключения кредитных сделок в ожидании более привлекательной конъюнктуры рынка

   Какие шаги, по мнению участников Круглого стола, банкам следует предпринять для поддержки российских компаний в текущих рыночных условиях?


10:15-11:00 Кофе-пауза


11:00 Текущее состояние торговли в секторе природных ресурсов

Бернард Зонневельд, Начальник Глобального Управления структурного финансирования, Металлы и Энергетика, ING

   Как волатильность мировых финансовых рынков будет влиять на объемы российской торговли природными ресурсами?

   Источники ликвидности в секторе природных ресурсов: кто будет доминировать в 2013 году, иностранные или российские финансовые учреждения?

   Как введение новых правил повлияет на рынок предэкспортного финансирования?

   Новые возможности: возврат к синдицированному кредитованию в секторе природных ресурсов?

   Влияние вторичного рынка на объем новых сделок


11:30 Круглый стол. Финансовая среда глазами экспортеров

Модератор: Юлия Петрова, Руководитель Департамента транзакционного бизнеса, Unicredit

Данила Котляров, Финансовый директор, Петропавловск-Черная Металлургия

Татьяна Картушина, Начальник Управления структурного финансирования, СУЭК

Инна Карасева, Менеджер, Управление торгового финансирования и кредитования, Алкатель-Лусент

Ольга Стрекалова, Директор, Экспортное кредитование и Глобальное специализированное финансирование, HSBC Bank

   Как текущее состояние мировой экономики влияет на экспортную деятельность российских компаний?

   Превалируют ли в настоящий момент азиатские торговые потоки над традиционными направлениями, и является ли реальной угрозой экономический спад в Китае?

   Крупнейшие экспортные сделки 2012 года

   Какие нововведения при структурировании сделок позволяют экспортерам получить доступ к дополнительной ликвидности?


12:20-13:40 Обед


Секция А: Текущее состояние рынка экспортного финансирования (13:40-15:45)


13:40 Круглый стол. Принципиальное значение агентского финансирования в текущих экономических условиях

Модератор: Марко Гучиан, Руководитель Департамента проектного и экспортного финансирования, HSBC

Доктор Ханс Янус, Член Правления, Euler Hermes

Дина Меркулова, Директор, Экспортное финансирование, Альфа- Банк

Марко Минаретти, Андеррайтер, Департамент страхования политических рисков, SACE

Светлана Громыко-Пирадова, Начальник Управления экспортного финансирования, Unicredit
Михаил Карякин, Первый Заместитель Генерального директра, ОАО ЭКСАР

Антон Зур, Начальник Управления экспортного финансирования, Сбербанк

   Оценка важности экспортного финансирования для ряда секторов экономики

   Участие экспортных страховых агенств в финансировании крупнейших инфраструктурных проектов и сделках по импорту капитального оборудования

   Участилось ли в последнее время использование банками соглашений о разделе рисков и соглашений о финансировании под покрытие нескольких страховых агенств?

   Какие шаги предпринимаются в настоящий момент для поддержки растущих требований малого и среднего бизнеса?


14:30 Оценка риска корпоративных клиентов в текущих рыночных условиях

Стенли Рут, Партнер, Внутренний аудит, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

   Улучшение доступа компаний к финансированию через прозрачность, аудит и систему всесторонней проверки бизнеса

   Насколько эффективны текущие попытки увеличить прозрачность российских компаний?

   Стандартные подходы крупных российских компаний к формированию эффективной системы внутреннего контроля

   Как оценить эффективность системы внутреннего контроля российской компании при рассмотрении вопроса о предоставлении финансирования?


 14:55 Круглый стол. Торговые отношения России и Скандинавии, новые возможности.

Модератор: Антон Александров, Начальник Управления торгового и структурного финансирования, ОАО Нордеа Банк

Топи Вестери, Исполнительный Вице-президент, FINNVERA

Керстин Гедуна, Исполнительный директор - Руководитель структурного финансирования, SEK

Хильда Хеллгрен, Советник по вопросам политики в отношении России, EKN

Ларс Нибом, Директор, Nordea Bank

Наталия Войнилович, Начальник Управления экспортного финансирования, Газпромбанк

   Оценка роли России как торгового партнера Скандинавского региона

   Экономический рост России как одна из ключевых причин для расширения присутствия скандинавских компаний на российском рынке

   Ключевые сектора сотрудничества и крупнейшние сделки 2012 года

   Роль экспортных страховых агентств в поддержке торговли между Россией и Скандинавским регионом



Секция Б: Развитие инфраструктуры финансового рынка России и

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