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North America Trade & Export Finance Conference

North America Trade & Export Finance Conference

United StatesNew York, United States | June 12 2013
The Westin New York at Times Square

Event Review

North American trade leaders meet in NYC to discuss emerging opportunities

Exporta Group, the market leading independent information provider for the financial services industry, returned to New York City on June 12, 2013 for the North America Trade & Export Finance Conference.

The 9th annual conference in this long established series saw extensive discussion on the opportunities and challenges being posed to the region’s business leaders and financiers as increased emerging markets trade is sought to combat the economic stagnation being experienced by North America’s primary trade partners.

The conference opened with keynote speaker Joseph Lupton, J.P. Morgan’s Senior Global Economist,  suggesting that the green shoots emerging across the regional economy point to the coming of a fully established recovery in 2014, while highlighting a domestic corporate sector predominantly characterised by good health and cash-rich balance sheets. 

“Notwithstanding the ongoing economic recession, some US companies are enjoying robust business growth, in many cases by expanding their international sales,” added Gary Mendell, President of Meridian Finance Group on the sidelines of the event. “The US represents less than 25% of global GDP and less than 5% of world population, so it stands to reason that US companies may find more customers overseas than domestically. But global demand for credit is also on the rise, and therein lies the challenge for many US corporates, and their banks. This conference is a welcome and timely forum for trade finance players to compare notes and to share solutions for bringing international trade transactions to fruition.”

A mixture of top tier corporate and banking supply chain experts drew the distinction between supply chain financing as a key tool for the realisation of strategic initiatives rather than an initiative in itself, stressing the importance that companies establish supplier programmes in a manageable localised market before embarking on ambitious global programmes. Discussion on the high-growth export finance market brought the support being provided by US Exim into the spotlight, citing low volumes in comparison with other ECAs such as China’s Sinosure. Leading actors suggested that a level playing field across the global sector is potentially still two decades away, adding that the capital markets will play an increasingly significant role in the future of export financing.

The programme concluded with a lively panel of senior players from the Canadian market including representatives from Bombardier Aerospace, Scotiabank and CIBC citing the need for Canadian banks to lead their clients in ‘thinking globally’ to diversify export markets. The strengthening Canadian dollar also provided cause for debate, where it was argued that a short-term reduction in export volumes would be offset by increased competitiveness in the long run resulting from the necessity for Canadian companies to rely on factors other than price to win business in the global marketplace.

With over 140 senior industry actors from across the regional and international markets in attendance networking played a prominent role, where the day’s proceedings were concluded with an evening reception providing a more informal setting for continuation of the day’s discussions.



Exporta is delighted to announce its return to New York in June 2013 for the North America Trade & Export Finance Conference, the only event of its kind for the region's trade and export finance community.

As economic uncertainty and restricted liquidity continue to challenge global markets the potential of increased exports, and particularly those to fast growing emerging markets, to ease fragile fiscal conditions being experienced on the North American continent are increasingly being placed beneath the spotlight. The North America Trade & Export Finance Conference is well timed to explore the opportunities open to those companies seeking to expand into non-traditional markets, as well as the challenges faced by those financiers tasked with facilitating their international trade.

Building on Exporta’s strong presence in the US market the latest addition to its North America portfolio will feature a broader focus and strong emphasis on emerging markets trade, reflecting the changing needs and financing priorities of the international business community in the United States and Canada.

The event will again bring together expert practitioners from the continent’s leading corporates, financial institutions, and financial services providers, providing a platform for high level networking and discussion on crucial topics such as the effects of challenging global conditions on North American trade flows, business opportunities offered by key emerging markets, the banking sector’s ability to finance increased exports and the role of the government in stimulating growth.

Utilising Exporta’s proven programme format, including lively panel discussions, in-depth case studies and detailed presentations, the day’s agenda will incorporate numerous networking break outs, providing delegates with the opportunity to form crucial business connections with new contacts and renew old acquaintances. The conference will be followed by an evening networking reception, where attendees can continue their discussions within a more informal setting.

Topics to be discussed include:

● Analysing the impact of volatile global markets on North American trade flows
● Exploring key trends in export financing and the role of export credit agencies in assisting North American exports
● How are corporate financiers stabilising an increasingly complex global supply chain?
● Outlining the options available for managing risk when doing business in non-traditional markets
● Profiling levels of risk and reward when trading with the MENA region
● How are Canadian companies adapting to global market conditions and what role is to be played by the financial sector in facilitating their trade?
● Assessing demand and capacity for trade credit and political risk insurance on the continent
● Discussing the challenges, risks and rewards involved with the adoption of multibank trade finance solutions
● What potential does Americas-Asia trade offer North American companies and FIs?

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08.00 Registration and refreshments

08.55 Chairman’s opening remarks
David Conroy, Global Trade North America Product Executive, Global Trade Sales Head, J.P. Morgan

09.00 Keynote: Assessing North America’s position in the new world of trade
Joseph Lupton, Managing Director, Senior Global Economist, J.P. Morgan
A return to confidence: To what extent do the apparent green shoots appearing across the global economy signify a new era of stability? Should we be planning for recovery and growth?
Illustrating a shift in the balance of risk across the global market: How is this impacting on the globe’s largest trading states?
Providing a comparison with the Chinese success story: Is the recent year on year increase in the bilateral trade deficit just another taste of things to come? 
How realistic is a return to an economy based on manufacturing and exports? How has the world moved on, if at all?

09.30 How are corporate financiers stabilising an increasingly complex global financial supply chain?
Moderator: Maureen Sullivan, Managing Director, North American Trade Sales Head, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Mona Ghazzaoui, Executive Director, North America Supply Chain Finance, RBS
Chetan Talwar, Head of Trade Advisory, Trade Solutions Delivery & Vendor Sales, Asia, J.P. Morgan
Bjoerk Ohlhorst, Senior Vice-President Procurement, Americas, Henkel Corporation
Eric Jones, Director, Corporate Payables, Lowe's Companies
Highlighting the ongoing growth in uptake of supply chain finance and the global conditions driving the market: What have been the key factors?
Profiling the US market as a springboard for global SCF programmes: Which types of companies are utilising this approach?
Which geographical markets have seen increased intensity in SCF activity? Why is this?
Examining the complexities of a global programme: How do supply chain finance initiatives translate in markets as disparate as India, Brazil and China?

10.20 Networking break

11.00 Profiling levels of risk and reward when trading with the MENA region
Sonam Kapadia, Executive Director, Head of Global Trade Middle East & Africa, J.P. Morgan
Providing an update on the status of US-MENA trade flows: Highlighting key growth areas and mapping opportunities across the region
Exploring the deal structures and risk mitigation tools commonly being used by companies selling to the Middle East and North Africa
Assessing the demand and supply factors impacting trade finance volumes within the market: To what extent has the Arab Spring stimulated a return to traditional trade products? Which new financing options are currently on offer?
Highlighting developments within the Islamic finance market:  Is Shariah-compliant funding becoming a serious competitor for those institutions funding MENA trade?

11.25 Adoption of multi-bank trade finance solutions: Challenges, risks and rewards
Moderator: Jacob Katsman, Chief Executive Officer, Global Trade Corporation
Graham Smith, Corporate Finance Manager, Terex Corporation
Fran Martell, Trade Product Capabilities Manager, Director, Transaction Services, Citi
Matteo Monaco, Head of Corporate Sales North America, Swift
Martin Marsmann, SVP Global Head of International Trade Finance Sales, Unicredit
How are corporates addressing the challenges of working with multiple banking providers for standbys, guarantees and export documentary credits?
Are banks really adopting SWIFT MT 798 or taking a wait-and-see attitude?
SWIFT Lite2: Highlighting the advantages of a one-stop-shop approach for corporates
Examining the lessons learned from implementation of multi-bank trade finance projects

12.05 Tapping into Asian trade
Moderator: John Weinshank, Senior Vice-President, Head of Trade Finance & Corporate Banking, China Construction Bank
Antonio Alves, Principal, Head of Short-Term Finance, Americas, IFC
Shahbaz Syed, Representative, North America, ICIEC
Tom Rahder, Vice-President, Product Strategy, Bolero
Joon Kim, Managing Director, Head, International Corporates & CTA Sales, Transaction Banking, Americas, Standard Chartered Bank
Robert Frank, Structured Trade & Commodity Finance, Gerald Holdings
Tracking the developments and key changes within Asia-Americas trade flows and subsequent financing options being made available
How can North America realise the full potential offered by trade with high growth Asian markets? Which current trade trends within Asia are widening the export potential for the Americas?
To what extent is Asia experiencing a lack of trade funding?  What role do North American FIs and multilaterals have to play in facilitating Asian growth?
Where are we seeing a concerted move into the trade finance market from Asian institutions? Do local networks complement or compete with the liquidity available from international FIs?
How is increased efficiency in documentary processes improving the profitability of companies conducting cross-border trade?
Considering the future trade and financing implications of increasing RMB settlement: Is this growth likely to continue?

12.50 Presenting findings from the ICC’s Trade Register and Global Survey 2013 
Thierry Senechal, Executive Secretary, Banking Commission, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
Illustrating the key trends indicated by the Trade Register and its impact on formulation of global banking regulation at a policy level
Examining recent regulatory developments such as Basel III and CRD4: Which other constraints are impacting businesses and banks operating in emerging markets?
Analysing data from the ICC Global Survey 2013: How can this information be utilised to gauge future expectations for global trade finance?  

13.10 Lunch

14.20 The growing significance of export finance in supporting North American exports
Moderator: Lillian Labbat, Managing Director, Export Finance Advisory Americas Head, J.P. Morgan
Barbara O’Boyle, Vice-President, Director of Finance, Bechtel
Al Hamdani, Vice-President, Project & Structured Finance, EDC
Ae Kyong Chung, Managing Director, Head of Americas & Global Distribution, Export & Agency Finance Group, Citi
Jeffrey Cain, Senior Vice-President, Project & Export Finance, Siemens Financial Services
Kevin Varney, Principal, International Trade, 32 Advisors
Highlighting key trends in export finance: What initiatives are currently being deployed by ECAs to support exports? Is there a level playing field?
Examining common obstacles and recent successes: How important is access to export finance in various sectors such as oil and gas, transportation and infrastructure?  
Where is pricing on ECA loans heading? Are ECA direct loans primarily for longer tenor projects? 
Debating the need for new market innovation: How significant will the capital markets be within the future export finance landscape? 
How are banks and ECAs reacting to the reshaping of the industry by ongoing regulatory changes?

15.10 Tracking developments in trade credit and political risk insurance
Moderator: Gary Mendell, President, Meridian Finance Group
Andre Python, Vice-President, Underwriting, FCIA
Jeffrey Abramson, Vice-President, Trade Finance & Insurance, US Exim
Paul Kunzer, Divisional President, North America, Trade Credit, AIG
Fredrik Murer, Head of Americas, Political Risk & Credit, Ace Global Markets
Exploring the loss experience in 2012/2013: Which are the main sectors of concern and how do they compare with projections for the coming year?
Assessing demand and capacity for covering US, Eurozone, BRIC, MENA and other emerging markets trade
Are we seeing a new business-seeking environment within the industry or more of a focus on consolidating existing relationships?
Highlighting key market trends: Longer payment terms, supplier credits vs buyer credits and the recent surge in L/C insurance
Which new kinds of coverage are currently being utilised?
Debating the growing intersection between credit insurance and receivables financing

15.55 Networking break

16.20 Financing Canada’s key trade and export sectors
Moderator: Alexander Malaket, President, Opus Advisory Services International
Satya Vattekat, Head of Trade Solutions, Global Banks, CIBC
Marc Meloche, Vice-President, Structured Finance, Bombardier Aerospace
Scott Shepherd, Chief Executive Officer, Northstar Trade Finance
Nicolas Dupuis, Director, Canada Trade Sales, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
How are Canadian companies addressing the challenges posed by current global market conditions?
A picture of good health? Exploring recent developments within the Canadian banking sector
How has Canada been exploring new export markets in response to the economic turmoil experienced by traditional trade partners? Which markets offer the greatest potential for both commodity and manufactured exports?
Examining Canada’s key export sectors: Which financial tools are currently being used and where are the opportunities for collaborative funding to be found?
Highlighting the strength of the Canadian dollar and its impact on international trade
How are new banking regulations impacting differently on Canada compared to the US? Are US banks and companies leveraging the situation to gain a greater foothold in the Canadian market?

17:20 Chairman’s closing remarks followed by evening drinks reception


The Westin New York at Times Square

270 West 43rd Street
New York
NY 10036
United States


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